Crowdfunding Workshop with GROW

On Thursday, August 23rd, we had the opportunity to present at a crowdfunding workshop hosted by GROW - Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women. Thell Woods and John Flick gave a brief overview of the history of crowdfunding both nationally and within the state of Michigan. We discussed crowdsourcing as a tool (that can even be combined with other more traditional lending models) to enable the an entrepreneur to raise the capital need for their business.

We discussed the mission of C3Funding to provide a community-centric crowdfunding platform that will enable regions and communities to promote local investments. Part of this initiative includes the development of a platform that supports both non-securities and securities-based offers, allowing one site to be a clearing house for local investment opportunities. The site is designed to engage not-for-profit and for-profit businesses and organizations.

A special thanks to the amazing hospitality of the GROW staff. Mary, Jill and Kelli - you are doing amazing work in Grand Rapids.


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